Critter Creek Land

Whilst enjoying your Paultons Park Short Break with hotel and ticket package, don’t forget to explore Critter Creek — an exciting mini-land adventure crawling with all kinds of mysterious creatures.

Stay at a nearby hotel as part of your Paultons Short Break and discover all kinds of creatures transported back to Critter Creek by Professor Blast. Take a thrilling ride upon the Cat-O-Pillar rollercoaster —watch out for the enormous colourful plants as you travel around the track!

Critter Creek is also home to Professor Blast’s Expedition Express Train, a delightful journey for young adventurers to explore the land and see the wonderful Curious Critters.

Once you’ve trekked through Professor Blast’s strange world of Critters, head down to Beastie Burrow a real life bug emporium with fascinating and unusual insects, fish and lizards!

Don't forget that your 2nd Day FREE is also the perfect excuse to explore the nearby New Forest and the great local attractions during your Paultons short break with tickets and hotel stay.

Terms and conditions apply. Offer subject to change and availability. The 2nd Day FREE must be taken on consecutive stay dates.